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MALB was first conceived in 2006 as The Malaysian All-Star League Baseball, an adult baseball league organization in Malaysia, aimed at promoting and developing the beloved sport to Malaysians. After running it for 3 years, MALB had finally made its mark regionally, when it converged and concerted its promotional and development efforts with its Singapore and Indoensian counterparts, thus marking the birth and reformation of MALB to become the MAJOR ASEAN LEAGUE BASEBALL. 
Today, MALB manages and operates baseball leagues throughout of Malaysia and intends to spread its wings, by jointly organizing baseball leagues and tournaments throughout South East Asian countries.
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MALB Bulletin


Last year's MALB faced some stormy weathers, with the late start in the league (usually league begins in March, but in 2009 it started in August) as well as falling out of several seasoned teams and baseball players.

This is a new year for baseball. According to the Chinese calendar, 2010 will mark the entrance of the year of the Tiger. The tiger is known to be a fearless beast that has enormous strength and energy. It is this Tiger that would bring definite changes to Malaysian baseball. 

The author is surprised and flabbergasted with the attitude of some seasoned teams towards MALB's endeavors. It is a known fact that MALB had been running on private funding since the days of its inception in 2006. It is a known fact that participation fees only covers a fraction of the league's total costs, the rest are covered by the benefactors. It is a known fact that a certain individual has spent his/her own personal finances just to see Malaysian players be able to play in a structured and organized baseball league locally, and yet, after all these years, this sacrifices are being questioned and doubted.

2009 also saw the rise of a certain individual, trying to be the champion and advocate of all former softball players playing baseball in Malaysia. This certain individual is said to have organized a tournament featuring 4 invited teams. They also had a hand in organizing a softball tournament towards the end of 2009. What the author fails to understand is that why do this individual feels threatened by MALB existence? Why is there a need to show off your unproven capabilities to others? A piece of advise. If you're really sincere, do what MALB did. MALB started off slowly and built its momentum along the way. MALB did not step on anyone's toes and we did not intrude into people's territories. We befriended everyone, and everyone is our friend. The industry is small, thus showing off your unsharpened claws to senior softball players would result devastatingly to your credentials.

In anyway, 2010 will bring some major changes. Firstly, the Tiger does not listen to anyone, and is diligent in making sure everything is done right this time. Secondly, the Tiger does not comprehend sub-standard performances, be it in professionalism nor in sportsmanship. Thirdly, 2010 will mark MALB's existence for 5 solid years. Some radical changes shall be implemented. Its just a matter of whether you're up to it or not. 

We'll see what will happen soon. Probably, some announcement of it will be made during the overdue prize giving ceremony?. We'll just have to wait and see.


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